the XI Grader Thingy



Hi guys!!

Here we go again wimme :3

You know right? Right now, i’m attending the eleventh grader, that means…a year after next year…i’m gonna get into an university. it has been eleven years of studying…

sounds like only eleven days.

time sure have their max speed to do everything.

this post is really gloomy oh god i kennat with this post i need to post another thing.


the first final exam!

and i’m science!

oh god…Physicsㅠㅠ

(the pic isnt mine…i got it from tumblr.-.)

im not at that ambitious about study…but if i need to study that hard so that i can get archive something, then i will do that with a cup of caramel macchiatto (idk how to spell it) or vanilla latte :3

no…its actually any foods, i need those for my study… (im starving really easily and it sometimes killing me).

so…here…i’m writing this after those historical thingy

yeah…Indonesian History homework. great thing i already did seven numbers and only three left. but still,…i dont think im good at history.-.


once again, GOOD LUCK FOR YOUR EXAM GUYS! meet y’all later!


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